About Midnight Horrors

Midnight Horrors is here. We aim to scare.

I’m Logan Braman and I’ll be your host this evening. Please lock your doors and check your windows. Look carefully under the bed to be sure it’s clear of any monsters or ghouls. Keep your feet planted firmly in the bed in preparation for reading.

  • Dark reviews, including horror, dark fantasy, dark science fiction, and whatever else keeps me up at night. I’ll review books, short stories, novellas, or any other written works that raise the hair on my neck.
  • Original horror by Yours Truly
  • Other beasties that scrape in the dark

The why

I remember my first really good scare. I listened as a classmate explained how to call Bloody Mary back from the grips of death. Repeat her name in the windowless darkness and she will appear in the mirror to explain what’s after. I listened and knew every reflective surface hid a corpse, no matter what the adults said. I didn’t cross the threshold of a bathroom, mirrored or otherwise, for a week. It was a terribly wonderful time.

Everyone fears. Small, large, logical, or fantastical as they may be, we all drag them around as we try to understand our infinitesimal place in the universe. Horror stories and other dark fictions explore these terrors through words and story lines we all know too well. The truly mad ones among us explore the dark depths willingly. In the foolhardy storytellers’ words we see what we refuse to consider in daylight, and we’re better for it. We like to think we’ve found many more perturbing existential ideas than our forebears ever had time to consider. In reality our stories are Charon reincarnate, ushering us from one inner world to another if we read and consider the words to pay the fee.

Great dark fiction can be gory, but not for gore’s sake. Horror can be disgusting, but not only to titillate. Whether the authors intend it or not, these midnight horrors are best exercised through their words.

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